Supply Lists for 2016-2017 Middle School Classes


6th-8th Grade Supply List

3 pkgs. wide ruled filler paper
2 red ball point pens
1 pkg. blue or black ballpoint pens
2 pkgs. pencils
1 pkg. colored map pencils
1 zipper binder, 3-ring
1 zippered pencil case to fit 3-ring binder
2 sets Avery dividers
5 plastic folder w/pockets and brads any color
1 4 oz. bottle of Elmer's School glue
3 boxes facial tissue
2 container disinfecting wipes
1 roll paper towels

Subject or Grade Specific Supplies

7th/8th Writing 1 binder, 3-ring, 2 inch
Science, ELA 2 hard back composition books
6th Art sketch book, 2 large pink erasers, 1 package markers