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Williams, Melanie Principal
Gavlick, Dona Counselor
Gardner, Rose Career and College Readiness

Bennett, Christine Music
Blassingame, Stephen Social Studies 7th / Athletics
Davis, Alissa Mathematics 6th/7th
Duncan, Sharon Gifted and Talented
Duvall, Donna Special Education
Garner, Darrin Social Studies 8th / Athletics
Little, Joni Art
Malone, Kristi ELA 8th / Reading 8th / Athletics
McCleese, Alisha Science 7th
Moore, Jamie Technology 8th
Northcutt, Amber Mathematics 6th/7th
Northcutt, Marsha Life Skills
Page, Rex Science 6th/7th
Regen, Mary Writing 7th/8th
Skinner, Kim Reading 6th/7th
Tisdale, Lisa Technology 7th/8th
Winslow, Blake Social Studies 6th / Athletics

Goodman, Wilma Instructional Aide
Roundtree, Elaine Librarian
Steele, Angie Secretary